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Monday, September 17, 2007

The recent avalanche of well documented personal life developments, combined with the ongoing necessity what I shall diplomatically call my "private writing," and the completely unexpected onset of commissions for Actual Paid Writing About Music (at this late stage? What are they thinking?), has meant that I haven't had much time of late to devote to the venerable Church. Rather than starve my parishioners I've set up another, relatively straightforward blog so that you've all got something to read - the premise is (or should be) self-explanatory (it's basically the expansion of a stalwart CoM feature rather than a Brave Experimental New World) and while I cannot promise daily postings I will at least aim for those. In addition, certain readers may be thrilled to notice that I am once again experimenting (bravely?) with the concept of comments boxes, and I would like quite a lot of feedback on the posts since they are to some extent designed for interaction...but I will be monitoring these boxes closely and will not hesitate to filter out spammers, trollers and flamers of any description. Caveat flameur!

Thus, for a while, I'm going to be
here. Hope it works.

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