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Thursday, August 08, 2002

This song would be nothing without Robert Wyatt's keyboards. It lends the song the humanity which Gartside-via-Barthes tries manfully to excommunicate.

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"Where do you go
When it starts to rain?
Where will you sleep
When the night time comes?
What do you do
When your heart's in pain?

Where will you run
When the right time comes?
These are the things
That I want to know.
Where will you hide
When the lights are low?
Where do you go
When it starts to rain?
Where will you sleep
When the night time comes."

("Where Do You Go?" by Alec Wilder, as sung by Frank Sinatra on No One Cares).

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Have had to reconsider Melody AM by Royksopp recently. Exactly midway between Air and Boards of Canada, I had previously imagined this to be floating in no particularly promising limbo. And yet reconsideration is necessitated by external factors.

Not necessarily the T-Mobile ad with the beaming baby. The track used is "So Easy" though track 8's "Remind Me" might have been a more appropriate title. When that ghostly choral sample drifts through the ambience, one almost thinks that they are singing "who are you? now that we are through?" which leads us back onto that Blade Runner/Casey Jones highway. Cursed by knowledge, I know however that they are singing Bacharach and David's "Blue On Blue," a hit for Bobby Vinton 40 years ago. Clearly a bargain basement sample - crooned by some mistakenly hopeful operatives called Gals and Pals, for whom the rights have not been able to be traced.

The album then proceeds to shudder and stutter through various landscapes, some quite arresting (the noises threatening to engulf "Fireplace"), the most captivating being "Sparks":

"No matter, gay or grim; it's those tiny little sparks
Daily life that makes me forget my wounded heart

It doesn't matter when it may rain or it may shine
Blurred memories of us come back from time to time"

Most recently used in Six Feet Under, to accompany a scene wherein Nate and Brenda discuss the day's business in the pretence that they give a fuck. Cf. Revolutionary Road.


or would Golden Boy just have been another run-of-the-mill Gina X-type operative, to keep the turntable warm until the Human League could be bothered to put out another album?

The single mix of "Rippin' Kittin" (sung, unsurprisingly, by Miss Kittin) I like a lot. It resembles a hit, it looks like a hit from a distance, but close up you know it will never be. "Mother, can I go out and kill tonight ... can I have the silver kitchen knife ... I feel like taking a life" (possibly mine). Sung deadpan to a properly poignant Pet Shop Boys-type backing.

I feel like leaving this world.

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