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Kissing in the churchyard, I know a righteous woman

Friday, July 26, 2002

"A windy day
The clouds in slow formation
Not far away
A final destination
One mother's son
His father's distant gaze, regretting
Where they went wrong
He always found it too upsetting

Me and my friend
We lived our lives completely
From start to end
You and your friend, so sweetly
With strength and pride
In spite of everything, and swimming
Against the tide
To obstinately hope of winning

And at the end
Your funny uncle staring
At all your friends
With military bearing
And stopped to stand
To smile and speak of you directly
Goodbye, shake hands
Like you did everything correctly

To wipe away the tears
No more pain, no fear
No sorrow or dying
No waiting or crying
These former things have passed away
Another life begins today"

("Your Funny Uncle" by the Pet Shop Boys)

Don't think I need to say why I posted this (maybe change the gender in the seventh line of the first verse and you'll see).

Yes I do. After today I am leaving my professional life behind. I do not expect to leave all the pain behind but I want to try to come to terms with it better. I can only do that by means of jettisoning everything unnecessary and concentrating on what will make me happy and/or wise.

I want to learn Japanese. I want to try to make a living out of writing. I want to spend as much time as possible with friends, old and new.

You all know what I really want.

"And if I walk these streets long enough/Will you happen to me again?"
(Scott Walker)

I hope so. Fervently and passionately.

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Now playing: Brown Sugar by D'Angelo:

"Feels like heaven when I think about you
sparking that love within my soul
and when I touch U, I can't describe it
sending chills, down my bones

With God as my witness and watching over
We'll write our love in the stone
Please give us strength Lord to fight our battles
and we can walk on the streets of gold

Cause you take me higher, than I've ever, ever known
give me good feeling, like a king and queen on a throne
cause you take me higher, further than the sky above
send me in ecstasy baby, with your love

Tell me what you're thinking of, must thinking of love
put your hands into mine and then we'll take off to the sky above
soft like an angel, like the feathers laying on a dove
touch me with your soul love, till I lose control

Just like an angel watching over me
(U protect me from my fears)
I once was blind, but now I see
(Ever since the day U appeared)
I just wanna say
I want U in my life
till the day I die baby


Look in my eyes,
tell me right now,
that U and your love
will 4-ever take me higher"


The meaning is between the words. How he breathes, how he sucks air in to emphasise the labials of "look" and "love."

And here's another mirror in which to gaze:

"Girl you are a groove
You're like the planets when you move
See the winter's coming
In a two finned caddy
Gonna walk upon the waters
Go ooh yeah
Girl you gotta cook
You got the chariot by the hook
I'm riding in the rain
Got my blue suede shoes
Gonna give up all my pain
And go ooh yeah
Baby you know who you are
Baby you know who you are
Don't you know who you are
Standing on your porch
You wear your pleasure like a torch
Hiding in the road
Like a Pasolini toad
Gonna give up all my load
And go ooh yeah"

("Chariot Choogie" by Marc Bolan)

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One of the most beautiful and surreal things I have ever seen on British television was broadcast last night, even if the beauty and surrealism were unintentioned.

Big Brother, Marcello????

Yes. The tannoy announced that they were going to play two pieces of music for the inmates to enjoy - a waltz and a foxtrot. The inmates were semi-formally dressed. Then the punctum - the soundtrack was turned off (for legal reasons - presumably Channel 4 didn't get clearance from El-P or the estate of Cornelius Cardew) and replaced by (possibly synthesised?) birdsong. So the couples danced without audible music. They looked sometimes hesitant but more often ecstatic. All that could be absorbed by the casual viewer was this unplaceable happiness, this total rejection of imposed structures and conceits. They looked as though they had crossed over to the other side.

Cocteau-like. It could have come straight out of Orphée. It was magical and unrepeatable.

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