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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

1. Tom Jobim Chronicle of the Assassinated House
Such liquid, sensuous music; such pain in the words. The strings are weeping too.

2. Gil Evans Where Flamingoes Fly
Max Harrison rightly labels the melancholy of this piece more authentically "modernist" than much of what was being touted as avant-garde at the time (Schuller, stand up at the back).

3. Tim Buckley Love From Room 109 At The Islander
Because everybody wants you, too.

4. Archie Shepp with Jeanne Lee and Lester Bowie There Is A Balm In Gilead
Especially coming after the track "Blase." Venus or Severin? Thomas Tallis more like.

5. Milton Nascimiento Cais
The way the Nymanesque piano/vocal fadeout bleeds solely into the right channel; life fading, diluting.

6. George Crumb Music For A Summer Evening (Makrokosmos III): Music Of The Starry Night
I feel her in the graceful aura.

7. Armenian Navy Band Don't Go Too Far Away From Yourself
Proof of how the same Incredible Hulk closing sequence-style piano motif (cf. Dido "Dai Can't Breathe") can either demolish or rebuild popular music. Armenia is of course entirely surrounded by land and has no navy.

Because Patrick McGoohan said that seven was the ideal number. Beyond that one repeats oneself.

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