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Monday, July 08, 2002
The trouble is - it would be headline news. Worthy at least of page 15 of the Daily Mail. Cue another unthinking thinkpiece (probably penned by Raj Persaud) about the failure of child prodigies to survive as adults. It would stir no cause. Blah Blah Frankie Lymon Nyuk Nyuk Boy Wonder Who Had It All And Lost It Yak Yak Inconsiderate.

ILx is a gated community from which I have wilfully locked myself out. It is doing me no good, even pseudonymously - it always ends up at the same terminal.

It's like Peter Cook's life without the first 30 years.

At present there are no gates available for me to open up.

1. Damon Albarn/Mali Music Sunset Coming On
What we secretly wanted Heathen Chemistry to sound like.

2. Streets All Got Our Runnin's
Chekhov's garage in reverse. Conversely I am not wearing £109 trainers.

3. Be Good Tanyas The Littlest Birds
The subtlest Syd Barrett paraphrase ever?

4. Cibo Matto Sugar Water
A children's sunset. We will not see the sunrise again. Buffy usage nails the point.

5. Kid Creole & the Coconuts Off The Coast Of Me
The drowner resurfaces. Sung from a different core, at warp speed.

6. Raincoats Dancing In Our Head
What they secretly wanted Heathen Chemistry to sound like.

7. Patti Smith Piss Factory
OK so it's proto-Jools Holland piano. But, as with everything (cf. Ayler) the extraordinary voice instrument cuts through the most banal of backings.

8. TLC Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
And look where it got HER!

9. Elliott Smith Can't Make A Sound
What you secretly altered Heathen Chemistry to sound like.

10. Rob Dougan Speed Me Towards Death
Just because the prelude's not so hot doesn't make the book crap. Far be it from me to talk.

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