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Friday, February 22, 2002
Very depressed about the death of John Thaw, mainly because of its cause - upper oesophageal cancer. This has brought it all back, I'm afraid; six months, almost to the day, after Laura, and almost of the same thing. Not to mention the Morse/Oxford connection. Can't help thinking of his weary-of-life expression towards the end of "The Remorseful Day" (see my entry of 5 January "Libera Me, Oxford" for further thoughts on the latter). Aunt Julia singing Arrayed for the Bridal.

Colin Dexter turned up on GMTV this morning, being interviewed in the Trout at Godstow. He kept his countenance, though I'm not sure whether this was simply down to his being knackered at having to hoof it over to Port Meadow at 7 in the morning to do some soundbites, or quiet joy at the Trout being open at 7 in the morning, or his surreptitious eyeing-up of the female interviewer. But in fact he was very kind and generous; philosophical surface covering the grief.

This will be an awful blow for Thaw's wife; to think that ten years ago he helped nurse her through her breast cancer scare, which she survived. And now a cruel twist; he is gone. 60 years old (24 more years).

After CD Dr Hilary Jones came on and spoke briefly about the nature of Thaw's cancer, reminding us that it is a rare but very cruel type of cancer which is usually too advanced when symptoms are first noticed. Don't I know it! Apparently JT had both radio and chemo but to no avail.

So Laura has gone; and six months later Morse goes - all of which underlines the reality that a chapter in my life has now ended.

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